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    Advice to Organising Events


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    Advice to Organising Events Empty Advice to Organising Events

    Post  Michael on Fri Feb 05, 2010 1:59 am

    Hey all I just want to post some of my experience from last year as a member of the executive to help you guys out as soon I will not have much time on my hands to help out. There are some general guidelines that I hope that you guys will follow to ensure succesful events and is the reason why our year made profit at each event (excluding NAIDOC wristbands which arrived late?)

    1)Plan well ahead at least one month prior to the event
    2)Always ensure there is plan B!
    3)Never say we are not sure
    4)Share the burden

    Now I will explain why I stated each of the things above so that the current executive and new executives can learn from our success and mistakes.

    1) Plan ahead
    *you don't stress out like "oh my god its tomorrow and we haven't done anything!"
    *when ordering some things it takes a while for shipment to take place. For e.g. glowsticks (you guys better get a move on and call them) take about a week to arrive and we need to negotiate with them so that they trust us that we will send them the check after the event.
    *better organisation

    2) Plan B
    *things dont turn out the way you want or plan e.g. with the roses you guys planned to order this year. For us we were planning to order at Sanjay's supplier but it was $2.20 so it was lucky we had our back up florist (this year's supplier as well) to give it to us.
    *ensures succesful events even if one thing goes wrong. For e.g. jelly doesnt set. Sell them as drinks or something for a cheap price

    3) Never say unsure
    *puts people off
    *people lose confidence in the src
    *bad publicity as people think it might not go on

    4) Burden sharing
    *relieves the stress
    *you guys are a team
    *ensures cover up

    Great work so far guys but keep it up!

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