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    CHRISTMAS DANCE MANUAl can be used for other dances


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    CHRISTMAS DANCE MANUAl can be used for other dances Empty CHRISTMAS DANCE MANUAl can be used for other dances

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    someone teach me to use the attach button.

    SRC Christmas Dance Manual

    The SRC annual Christmas dance is held during one of the last few weeks of school. Traditionally, it has been held on a Wednesday, as it makes organisation easier. The profit made from the dance usually goes to the Smith’s family… ladaldaldja

    During the first possible meeting:
    • Confirm date, time, entry cost, ( charity), theme?, (food)
    • Spend time brainstorming for ideas
    • Designs of posters to be handed in by the end of the week.

    Meeting 2:
    • Coordinate committees to fit needs.
    Here are suggested committees

    Decoration: allow the theme to run throughout event

    • Responsible for knowing which items we have already ( locate din pagani’s cupboard)
    • Buying new items. Suggested expenditure $10/ person. Max- $50
    • Setting up the hall/decorating the afternoon of dance/before

    This group may need to work with the handymen

    Food/drinks : In charge of making, purchasing etc

    • Drinks- Generally sold at $1.50 each. ( ensure treasurer gets plenty of 50cs!). Doesn’t provide much profit, but is an essential.
    • Jelly- Sold a $1/ cup. Jelly was kindly donated by SRC memebers. This makes heaps of profit.
    • Gelato- sold at $3/scoop or $4/2 scoops.

    If you are planning to sell jelly, have SRC memebers bring in packets a few days before dance. A group must make the jelly on the morning of the dance NO LATER. Also, check on the jelly midday as the staff room fridge is a bit dogdy. Make sure you look for spare spoons before purchasing new ones, as we tend tohave bags hidden in the drawers. ( ask ms mcgown first) Buy smaller cups but fill them up generously.

    Gelato- Should cost us $350 to hire. Comes with 7 flavours of your choice, refrigerator, scoop and boz of tissues. ( you may need to purchase another box) and about 400 cones. When choosing the flavours, try to chose a wide spectrum and choose a dairy free one if you can.

    A cone of gelato costs US $2.18 - $3, so please don’t give free ones out. UInless it’s to thank staff who have helped out, students ( sound and lighting), office ladies and Ms Moxham, Ms Kemp and Mr Osland.

    It is also a good idea to seel the gelato before/after the event as many students will buy them. As for early drop off and late pickup.

    We have been ordering from Pure Gelato at Croydon.

    Phone: 02 9716 4488

    You’ll need to fill out an order form online.

    Games: We need games

    A good time to play this is halfway during the dance when eveyone’s starting to get bored.. ( which they really shouldn’t be, seeing the dacne is AWESOME!)
    This committee needs people who are powerful and will be listened to.
    • Responsible for buying presents. I suggest lollies or little trinkets. Do not overspend
    • Responsible for getting props for games. Music, limbo sticks etc.
    • Make connection with dj/music group.
    • Ensure rest of src know what’s happening so they can help.

    Games that we’ve played in the past.
    Musical Boys
    Musical Girls *NEW*
    Engagement, Marriage, Divorce

    A fail dance is the publicity groups faulkt.
    A great dance is the publicity groups’s doing

    This committee must have the publicity officers and I suggest you have a member from each grade.
    • Posters should be made by the end of first week and up by the second week.
    Posters should
    -be G-rated
    - have the date, time, location, entry feem theme ( any requirements) and what you’re selling
    - have information on where the profit is going
    - have been distributed around the school.
    • Publiticy also need memebers to write daily announcement about two times in 1dt week and everyday in last week. ( CARLO- should this change?)
    • SRC will also need tomake announcement over P.A system on alternating days.

    All SRC should be going around telling people about the event. They should also make announcements at year meetings, during roll call and at the end of classes.
    If facebook is still around, make a facebook event, but be sure to make the event private to ensure security. ( should be left to a senior)

    • Oversee that everyone is working and making a progress!
    • Responsible for setting up the hall
    • Pros and Cons of a DJ

    Pros Cons
    Authority figure V. V. expensive
    ‘wider’range of music
    If there are skilled, makes dance more exciciting.

    If you chose to not hire a DJ, make someone incharge of the playlist, however, have a variety of people contribute to it. I think what’s on the charts is always popular and classics get everyone involved.

    • If you do have a Dj, have the check ready.
    • Help out the other committees, they’ll need it,

    Please please please, help out after the event has finished, that way we can all go home early! Also try and help out the afternoon of the dance or come to it earlier.

    If you chose to have gifts used as entry fee, make sure everyone knows to bring gifts that will be useful. Maybe discuss this with group before deciding.

    When making committees, try and put a SRC from each year in it and put a senior member to ‘oversee” what is happening.
    Allow a meeting for discussion and debate.
    Have everyone report on what they are doing
    Make roosters for drinks, jelly, gelato, door etc. Hand out to src and stick around venue.
    Make sure you have talked to Mr Pagani and Ms Moxham and other appropriate teachers before doing anything.
    Ensure there’s security ( school hires them)
    Find teachers for the night. You need at least one female teacher. ( Be sure to thank them heaps!)
    Make sure you address SRC to keep receipts
    Ensure all memebers help out either afterschool of before dance. Have all members bring masking tape and scissors.

    But at the end of the event, make sure you’ve had heaps of fun and that you’ve thanked everyone!

    It’s a team effort.

    Suggested DJ

    Offical DJ company: about $275 for Dj
    More for lights and smoke machine
    9608000- speak to Shane,

    I’m not too sure if this dj is stilla dj, but try him out. 0414706369.

    Or ask around at school!

    Talk to Ella Su/ Saro Lusty Cavallari/ Maz\x Newman/ Laemin Shin about lighting.


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