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    IMPORTANT: Welcome Dance


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    IMPORTANT: Welcome Dance Empty IMPORTANT: Welcome Dance

    Post  Carlo on Tue Feb 16, 2010 2:53 am

    In preparation for tomorrow:
    • ALL SRC members need to bring jelly tomorrow morning!!!
    • Food Committee (Hannah, Rebecca B, Yuna, Carol, Jess and I) need to be in the Staff Common Room at 8:30 to start preparing the jelly. I may be a bit late due to Wind Ensemble. The Fortian Room fridge needs to be accessible and turned on. We will probably go through Period One.
    • There is a very very quick (as long as you guys are all there in time) meeting for the SRC at lunch time in the Staff Common Room. Basically this is so we can make sure EVERYTHING is ready for the night - decorations in the hall, games, blah blah.
    • Some people need to stay behind after school to make sure that the Hall is set and ready to go. People should also arrive early (say 6pm) in case any last minute things need to be done.

    Remember, the dance goes from 6:30-9:00 - could the publicity people please make sure that this is mentioned so that people aren't confused. The entry fee is $2 for everyone except Year 7s (who need to be identifiable by Year 8s); gelato is $3 for one scoop and $4 for two; jelly is $1 per cup and drinks are $1.50 per can - same as Christmas Dance. I think we're still trying to figure out the price for glowsticks so we'll update you on that.

    The roster for the night is:
    Time Door/Glowsticks Jelly Drinks Gelato
    6:30 James [11], Angela [10], Leya [8] Frank [11], Jacob [9] Clinton [11], Carol [9] Olga [11], Michael [9]
    7:00 Carlo [11], Charmaine [10], Joel [8] Umeya [11], Miles [9] Jessica [11], Romaan [8] Tilly [11], Ali [9]
    7:30 Chris [10], Veronica [8] Poppy [10], Edmund [8] John [10], Harriet [9] Jaemin [10], Yuna [8]
    8:00 Esther [10], Jerome [8] Kal [10], Rebecca [9] Frank [11], Hannah [9]
    8:30 Tilly [11], Leya [9] Olga [11], Jacob [9] Jessica [11], Carlo [11]
    N.B. The float for the gelato is shared with jelly - please be careful with the handling of money. Please make sure you are on time to your shift. There shouldn't need to be anyone at the door after 8, and all glowsticks that haven't been sold by then will go to the jelly table to continue being sold.

    It would be great if people could design big signs with prices on them!

    At 9:00 you all need to help pack up. If we do it quickly it only takes a few minutes, so the more people who help, the faster we can get out! (Pretty obvious really).

    Also I think it'd be a good idea if we did what we did last year as well - on the Thursday morning after the dance, all SRC members should meet in the Staff Common Room at 8:30 with empty, clean ice cream buckets, and we will go around to Roll Calls and collect money for the victims of the Haiti disaster. This way we have more money to donate and it will come from the entire school. For the rest of Thursday the leftover gelato will also be sold - I don't know where yet, but we'll figure that out - and this money will also go to Haiti. The Publicity announcers will need to make sure people know that we will raise money on Thursday morning and that we will sell gelato on Thursday recess and lunch.

    Thank you all! If there is anything I've missed out on, please comment below or bring it up at the meeting.

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    IMPORTANT: Welcome Dance Empty Re: IMPORTANT: Welcome Dance

    Post  O'Brien on Wed Feb 17, 2010 10:12 pm

    I am getting tired of this but I will say it again - you guys were awesome. Excellent dance last night - a real testament to your organisational skills and commitment.

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