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    Thank you everyone


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    Thank you everyone Empty Thank you everyone

    Post  Carlo on Sun May 16, 2010 2:27 am

    Hey all,

    Congratulations on a fantastic Fort Street Festival! Despite slight worries that occurred on Friday afternoon everything managed to work smoothly. We all did an awesome job. I'd like to take the opportunity to thank:
    1) Harriet's dad, who rescued us from a failed Battle of the Bands by stepping in at very short notice and fixing the atrocious lighting in the hall - we cannot thank enough;
    2) Mr Pagani and the rest of the staff, for helping us throughout the day with anything students couldn't manage on their own;
    3) Leya's dad Ian for basically putting together the entire festival and working tirelessly for hours ensuring that the day was enjoyable for everyone who went;
    4) Umeya for liaising with the P&C and constantly making sure we weren't slacking off... you did wonderfully;
    5) All of you! You did a great job today setting up, running and packing up the Festival and without you we would be nowhere.

    See you all tomorrow - an important meeting regarding 40 Hour Famine at lunch.


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