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    The WorldVision 40-Hour Famine


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    The WorldVision 40-Hour Famine Empty The WorldVision 40-Hour Famine

    Post  Jaymin on Mon May 17, 2010 2:31 am

    Hi guys,

    Well, the Fort Street Festical is over (yayer~), and seeing as we have about a term left until we have the 40-Hour Famine, I just want to be clarified on some stuff just so none of us are kept in the dark.

    We are having a Sleepout... right?

    When will we start with the booklet distribution shifts? Or, up first, when will be we getting any necessary items from WorldVision?

    And for those of us who haven't partaken in the Famine before (myself included), just a quick question on how it works?

    Cheers guys ;D


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    The WorldVision 40-Hour Famine Empty 40 Hour Famine Booklet Roster !

    Post  charizard on Tue Jul 20, 2010 1:00 am

    Monday 30th Tuesday 31th Wednesday 1st Thursday 2nd Friday 3rd
    Recess Poppy (Yr10)
    Rebecca B. (Yr9)
    Charmaine (Yr10)
    Carol (Yr9)
    Esther (Yr10)
    Michael (Yr9)
    Angela (Yr10)
    Miles (Yr9)
    Chris (Yr10)
    Jacob (Yr9)
    Lunch Tilly (Yr11)
    Edmund (Yr8)
    Harriet (Yr9)
    Umeya (Yr11)
    Romaan (Yr8)
    Vishal (Yr7)
    Frank (Yr11)
    Leya (Yr8)
    Alex (Yr7)
    James (Yr11)
    Katie (Yr8)
    Hugh (Yr7)
    Clinton (Yr11)
    Yuna (Yr8)
    Tom (Yr7)
    Monday 6th Tuesday 7th Wednesday 8th Thursday 9th Friday 10th
    Recess John (Yr10)
    Carol (Yr9)
    Jaemin (Yr10)
    Ali (Yr9)
    Kalanjay (Yr10)
    Harriet (Yr9)
    Angela (Yr10)
    Jacob (Yr9)
    Poppy (Yr10)
    Miles (Yr9)
    Lunch Carlo (Yr11)
    Veronica (Yr8)
    Lucy (Yr7)
    Jennifer (Yr7)
    Olga (Yr11)
    Joel (Yr8)
    Charmaine (Yr10)
    Ali (Yr9)
    Cecy (Yr7)
    Jess (Yr11)
    Jerome (Yr8)
    Jessica (Yr7)
    Esther (Yr10)
    Rebecca B. (Yr9)
    Michael (Yr9)

    Here you go ! If you're not happy, feel free to swap with someone else. I will also keep a copy of the table in Paga's room !
    And also ! At least one yr 10/11 must be at the table !
    Happy money collecting ! Smile


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    hannah harmelin

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    The WorldVision 40-Hour Famine Empty Re: The WorldVision 40-Hour Famine

    Post  hannah harmelin on Fri Jul 23, 2010 6:57 am

    yay forum! flower

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    The WorldVision 40-Hour Famine Empty Re: The WorldVision 40-Hour Famine

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