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    Reminder to all in SRC Roll Call


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    Reminder to all in SRC Roll Call Empty Reminder to all in SRC Roll Call

    Post  Carlo on Mon Nov 01, 2010 3:26 am

    Could all students in SRC Roll Call please remember that we are publicising the Trivia Night at roll call tomorrow and that you should all turn up AT LEAST 5 minutes before the start of roll call (that is, arrive at least by 8:45) IF NOT EARLIER. Since Vish has volunteered for Year 7s to go to Year 7 roll calls, and Year 12 roll calls don't exist, we have a much smaller number of classes we need to go to and it should be easier. Allocations for rooms follow this roster:

    (I think some Year 11s have free periods but we have a smaller number of classrooms to do because we don't need to do Years 7 or 12, so we'll figure it out in the morning).

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