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    Thank you all - Trivia Night


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    Thank you all - Trivia Night

    Post  Carlo on Fri Nov 12, 2010 3:13 am

    Wow. Thank you everyone for an amazing Trivia Night. You all worked tremendously hard in organising every last detail and making it so much fun for everyone else.

    Thank you everyone who brought in jelly, and a big thank you also to those who made the cupcakes (which sold out!). They were all excellent.

    And in particular, a big thank you to the following people:
    Mr Pagani - for buying the drinks and lollies and looking after us
    All of the other teachers - Ms Moxham, Ms Kemp and Mr Osland, for letting us hold the trivia night
    Harriet and Carol for organising the first place prize, and Hannah for putting together the list of prizes
    Yuna, Vish and Crystal for your amazing publicity work which ended up in getting us 10 teams
    Jaemin for helping out with the powerpoint and doing ridiculous amounts of work to set up the Hall
    Chris for helping with the roster and also doing ridiculous amounts of work in the Hall
    Poppy, for making sure every little small job that needed to be done worked out, as well as helping out all over the place during the night
    ...and of course our fantastic Questions Master, Romaan, for organising all of the printing, doing ridiculous amounts of work in the Hall, going through and compiling all of the questions, and reading them all out.
    I've probably missed people. So I'm sorry. But thank you all so much, you've been an amazing group to work with. Very Happy

    ...and now to the Christmas Dance... enjoy, Year 10!
    hannah harmelin

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    Re: Thank you all - Trivia Night

    Post  hannah harmelin on Fri Nov 12, 2010 4:09 pm

    Carlo you forgot yourself Very Happy

    and yeah, it was awesome!

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    Re: Thank you all - Trivia Night

    Post  POPPY! on Sat Nov 13, 2010 5:17 am

    I also wanted to add my thanks and congratulations to the SRC. You all did a tremendous job!

    also Ms Kemp said we did an excellent job and eveything ran smoothly. Congrats guys and thankyou for all the support

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    Re: Thank you all - Trivia Night

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