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    First Meeting of 2010, amongst other things


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    First Meeting of 2010, amongst other things Empty First Meeting of 2010, amongst other things

    Post  Carlo on Wed Jan 13, 2010 10:49 pm

    Hey everyone, hope your holidays have been great. As you all know Michael has given us the heads up about how little time we have and I thought I should let you know about what should be happening.

    The first and most important thing is that (according to Mr Pagani) we have a meeting on the first day back. Yes I know this is a pain in the arse and you'd much rather spend time catching up with your friends. However unless Mr Pagani decides to change his mind, the first day back there is a meeting at lunch.

    For this meeting I had a few things I wanted to discuss, but now that it has become apparent how quickly we need to get started, I will tell you everything that I have written down as things we need to work on once school starts. I'm copying this directly from my notes so things may be a little unclear but we need to start discussing these things soon so if there are any questions please ask.

    • Valentines Rose Drive (refer to manual which I have)
    • Year 7 & 8 Welcome Dance (refer to manual Jess has written)
    • Fort Street Festival (Umeya to liaison with P&C, Publicity to start ASAP!)
    • Harmony Day (in collaboration with SARN)
    • Forty Hour Famine (we'll get to this after all of the Festival stuff has finished)
    Oh also Chris Mo, you need to give me the list of charities that each Year Group runs so that we don't end up doing those charities.

    School Organisation
    • Infrastructure Committee (I will brief you on what needs to be done ASAP - perhaps even over the forum. In the meantime I need Olga to give me the list of people in the committee)
    • Write up and conduct a survey to the rest of the school community regarding what needs to be done to the school (especially in terms of infrastrcture and also to gather issues regarding the canteen, how the SRC spends its money and perhaps uniform - also should we be writing a separate survey for Year 7s?)
    • Compile an SRC Long Term Report from the results of the survey in the areas surveyed
    • Gather nominations and vote for the 3rd School Council representative
    Two other issues brought up at SRC Camp were:
    • The positioning of lockers
    • Resources (ie textbooks)
    These may or may not be integrated into the survey depending on what we decide.

    Also I will ask Mr Pagani what is happening regarding the possible SRC Roll Call Class (actually, does Pagani even look at this forum? Because if you are reading this (sir), then it would be nice if you could answer Very Happy). After this has been sorted out we need to organise a roster to split up year groups between roll call classes for collecting charity money or making announcements at roll call.
    For people wondering about the crossing at Palace St we are opting for, this will be discussed at School Council meetings - Max and John need to continue to bring this up.

    Money being spent
    • Grafitti-free murals (?)
    • Discuss what SRC money can be used for in meetings (eg meeting costs for insfrastructure)

    This basically covers everything we discussed at SRC camp which we indentified as goals for the coming year. When we have time, we may discuss our goals and possible other goals, as well as deciding targets for when we want them completed. This will go into the SRC Long Term Report. One further area we may discuss if we get to it is student motivation and wellbeing - this is an area being looked at in the School Council and I think it is important for the SRC to discuss this as well.

    If you managed to read this entire post without falling asleep, you have my admiration. I just want to sort out as much as we can first so that it doesn't clash with the Welcome Dance when we get to school. If you have any suggestions or comments, please leave them below.

    Enjoy the rest of your holidays, and see you all at school! Cool


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    First Meeting of 2010, amongst other things Empty In regards to the infrastructure committee survey...

    Post  Jaymin on Fri Jan 15, 2010 9:14 pm

    Yeah, i think that the Year 7's (i.e. the new Fortians 2015) should get a seperate survey,
    different from the other grades, or we could give them the same survey later on in the term, once they get to know the school a bit better?

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    First Meeting of 2010, amongst other things Empty Re: First Meeting of 2010, amongst other things

    Post  Olgasaurus on Sat Jan 30, 2010 4:01 pm

    I don't think we should give the year 7's a survery too early in the year - we need to give them time to get used to the school. Maybe we don't even need to worry about giving them one because we're hoping to have our feedback before they would be ready.

    The proceeds from the Year 7/8 Welcome Dance we have decided will go to Haiti Earthquake survivers. We haven't decided where the Valentines Rose Drive profit is going yet.

    The people who signed themselves up last term to be part of the infrastructure committee are:
    Romaan Dulloo 8
    Veronica Lin 8
    Hannah Harmelin 9
    Michael Nguyen 9
    Chistopher Mo 10
    Jaemin Shin 10
    Alli Nguyen 12
    Sami Nguyen 12

    Sorry I forgot to give that to you on Friday, Carlo.
    Happy SRCing! drunken

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    hannah harmelin

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    First Meeting of 2010, amongst other things Empty Re: First Meeting of 2010, amongst other things

    Post  hannah harmelin on Sat Jan 30, 2010 6:48 pm

    Well we're all in different classes now so you need to update the list

    I'm in 9O

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    First Meeting of 2010, amongst other things Empty agreeed

    Post  MOMO on Sun Jan 31, 2010 1:31 am

    Goo idea, Chris Mo is in 10T (i think)

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    First Meeting of 2010, amongst other things Empty Re: First Meeting of 2010, amongst other things

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