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    Rose Drive and Welcome Dance


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    Rose Drive and Welcome Dance

    Post  Carlo on Wed Feb 03, 2010 3:24 am

    Hey all,

    This is all of the information that I need to tell you so far about both the Roses and Dance:

    Rose Drive:

    Date: Monday 15 February.
    Roses cost $2 each. If you buy 5 roses the 6th one is free.
    600 roses have been bought for $1 each - more will hopefully be added depending on the availability - these will have to be dethorned on the day.
    Roses are being sold in the Staff Common Room at recess and lunchtime.
    SRC members are to continue cutting hearts and to sell roses according to Umeya's roster (see below). Hearts should be placed in stacks of 50 and when being sold should be individually tallied - the 6th free rose should be tallied under a separate column. If you need help one of the older SRC members will show you.
    People buying hearts pay their money and receive the number of hearts they bought. They write their messages on the hearts and write the name and roll call of the person they want to send it to on the back, and place the heart in the recepient's roll call paper bag (there is a roll on the outside of the bag so that senders know which bag to put the heart in).

    Rose Drive Roster (haha Jess, I know how to use the table option Razz):
    Date Recess Lunch
    Thursday 4 Frank [11], Kal [10], Leya [8] Olga [11], Angela [10], Jerome [8]
    Friday 5 Umeya [11], Esther [10], Yuna [8] Tilly [11], Charmaine [10], Romaan [8]
    Monday 8 Jessica [11], Carol [9], Edmund [8] James [11], Poppy [10], Ali [9]*
    Tuesday 9 Clinton [11], Jaemin [10], Hannah [9] (Sport)
    Wednesday 10 Chris [10], Jacob [9], Harriet [9] Umeya [11], Jaemin [10], Miles [9]
    Thursday 11 John [10], Michael [9], Joel [8] Carlo [11], Rebecca [9], Veronica [8]
    When I ended up figuring it out only Umeya and Jaemin need to do duty twice. Sorry guys Sad But I know you're both dedicated and hardworking people Very Happy
    *Note: Because we need to sell roses, we may or may not have a meeting on Monday lunchtime.

    Welcome Dance:

    Date: Wednesday 17 February, 6:30 - 9:30
    Entry is free for Year 7 and $2 for Years 8 and 9. (There will need to be some way to differentiate between Year 7 and the others when they enter at the door). Proceeds go to Haiti.
    Also being sold are drinks, jelly and glowsticks. (Should anything else be sold?) A roster needs to be created for the selling of these. Glowsticks are sold at the door.
    SRC members need to bring jelly crystals on days leading up to the dance, and a large number of glowsticks needs to be ordered (this is where we got them last time:
    Publicity needs to go out over daily notices, announcements and posters, and Peer Support leaders are to directly advertise the dance in Fortunae classes. It would be good to create an event on Facebook and invite all Fortians in Years 7 to 9 as this worked really well with the Christmas Dance. Also, people in Years 8 and 9 should spread the publicity through word of mouth.
    Sport (Periods 5 and 6) of the previous day, Tuesday 16, will be used for all members of the Decorations and Logistics committees to help set up the Hall according to the theme (which I believe is... love?)
    Food committee will need to prepare the jelly on the day of the dance and store in the fridge in the kitchen next to the Fortian Room.
    Games committee will need to organise games for the dance (no shit).
    A DJ needs to be found as soon as possible - preferrably by the end of this week. We should make sure we are hiring them for a reasonable price to ensure we make profit - probably not over a few hundred dollars.

    The committees are the same as for the Christmas Dance, I'm pretty sure - refer to Olga's list on the other topic.

    Thanks guys!


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    Re: Rose Drive and Welcome Dance

    Post  Jess-tacy on Sat Feb 06, 2010 10:49 pm

    Carlo- there are people who are still at school on tuesday lunch. I think we should still sell on that day

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    Re: Rose Drive and Welcome Dance

    Post  Michael on Sat Feb 06, 2010 11:40 pm

    this might be a bit late but maybe consider inviting the new year 11s to the dance so that they have a feel of wat it's like. We did this last year as well.

    roses have been ordered at Peter's Flowers and Plants Yagoona at $1.50 each (best deal now as other places are charging $2). I have the tax invoice and will give it to James tomorrow.

    Someone needs to order glowsticks now and I mean NOW! Ask Ms Levy to see if you can use her phone(James you should do this) and call up glowstick company. Reason I say this is because Ms levy might be able to negotiate with them to send us the stuff first and then have us send a cheque to them.

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    Re: Rose Drive and Welcome Dance

    Post  Carlo on Sun Feb 07, 2010 1:55 am

    Olga went and bought glowsticks today from a shop (I think, because she texted me telling me she'd found them) - 50 for $6 (which works out to 12c per glowstick, much cheaper than the website which was put up). We don't know exactly how many we need but I would think no more than 200 and that's still only $24.
    Tomorrow I won't be at the meeting, I have a drama excursion. Feel free to have a meeting tomorrow anyway (it should probably be in W2 or somewhere as roses are still being sold in Staff Common Room - people on duty are excused from meeting) but we might hold another meeting later on in the week to discuss other important issues.
    hannah harmelin

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    Post  hannah harmelin on Mon Feb 08, 2010 12:15 am

    I havent seen any publicity for the dance... i dont know if posters are being made or what...
    and im guessing we stay back after school wednesday to set up? and come early, stay late at the end etc.

    and i think we decided today that we're not getting a dj
    but who is making the playlist??

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    Re: Rose Drive and Welcome Dance

    Post  Michael on Mon Feb 08, 2010 1:57 am

    soz wasnt at meeting today so can someone let me know whats happening?

    was busy fixing stuff with Yr 12 Jerseys

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    Post  yunalee on Fri Feb 12, 2010 12:06 am

    I know Im not in the publicity group but I think that the daily announcements should be fun, quirky and lame at the same time(like the christmas dance one). The rose drive announcements were a bit cliche. Maybe better publicity than our rose drive.

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    Re: Rose Drive and Welcome Dance

    Post  Jess-tacy on Sat Feb 13, 2010 12:28 am

    Umeya and I were talking about the dance todat and we figure that it's best to deliver the year 12 and year 7 roses during roll call. Year 11 and 8 during 1st and second. And Year 10 and 9 during 3rd period. This may change. So cupids, BE READY TO "FLY AWAY" as soon as the bell rings. Also, I'll be writing messages on the whiteboard, so keep an eye on it.

    Please remember to bring the jelly crystals and WHERE THE HELL IS THE PLAYLIST. Guys, we really can't go without a DJ and do nothing about the music. SRC is a team effort, Year 11s are here to help out, but you should all be responsible for something. So, it was really disappointing to find that no one handed in USB with music on Thursday OR on Friday.

    We're expecting something magical on Monday..


    Also, I'm going to buy sticky tape to get the thorns out fromt he carpet and some decorations.

    ( this is for Pagani)
    Hey Stripy! (Y)

    List of Cupids:

    Esther Kim Year 10
    Carol Year 9
    Angela BuchananYear 10
    Poppy Bell Year 10
    Charmaine Duong Year 10
    Harriet Scandol Year 9
    Chris Mo Year10
    John Vassil Year 10
    Yuna Lee Year 8
    Veronica Lin Year 8
    Kal Dhir Year 10
    Jacob Levy Year 9
    Miles Walsh Year 9
    Bec Burley Year 9
    Olga Axelrod Year 11

    Also, do you think we'll need any extra buckets? I'm also lugging a huge stack of news paper to school.

    I'll post this ont he forum as well, in case you don't read this in time!

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    Re: Rose Drive and Welcome Dance

    Post  O'Brien on Mon Feb 15, 2010 4:07 pm

    Fantastic rose drive everyone - I am very impressed. Received some really positive feedback from some staff too. Congrats.

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    Re: Rose Drive and Welcome Dance

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