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    Post  Carlo on Sat Nov 27, 2010 4:49 pm

    Hey Michael, great suggestions. With the bubblers, I think it'll be a project that the Environment Committee and SRC can work together on, but in the end it'll go to the School Council if anything is actually going to be done about it.

    In terms of the SRC constitution, I gave my old copy of it to Poppy and the new team are reading through it, which is very much like a list of rules than a constitution. The new exec and I believe that it should be reviewed and rewritten so that the ideas are more relevant to us today and also so that it is structured and reads more like a proper constitution (with articles and subhadings and all).

    There is a part (from memory) about the passing of proposals. Generally, a suggestion will be put forward by a member. Someone else in the SRC must then second the motion before the whole SRC votes on the matter. But I agree with what you have said - a lot of time is saved when prior discussion is done on the forum, although of course it is no substitute for a proper meeting. However, there should always be sufficient discussion time on a matter before a decision is made.

    As such, Ms Moxham doesn't really come into our decisions unless it affects the rest of the school. Obviously, in terms of the bubblers, it will. But the issue is that a lot of people have a set view that Ms Moxham will mindlessly reject all of our suggestions with 'excuses'. This is not true - we often bring up suggestions which have her support. The issue is that we must be specific in telling her what needs to be done. In the case of the bubblers, this shouldn't be a problem since it is actually posing a significant health risk.

    So the process would be something along the lines of:
    1. Issue identified as important on the forum, followed by relevant discussion
    2. Issue placed on agenda when determined it is of importance and discussed at meeting
    3. Voting on issue by entire SRC once a decision can be made
    4. Issue forwarded to relevant person(s) if necessary (eg Ms Moxham, the School Council, the Canteen Committee, the Uniform Committee, the P&C, etc)
    From there, the issues will often be out of our control except for a bit of skilful negotiation. It's more or less the same procedure that you put down, Michael, but do note that Ms Moxham doesn't have to 'pass' our proposals as such - nor will Ms Moxham always be the relevant person to forward the proposal to. This procedure follows more or less what is already in the constitution.

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    Post  michael-au on Tue Nov 30, 2010 12:07 am

    This suggestion may sound a bit narrow-minded and a bit far-fetched. I was considering a laptop recharge station in a room for future year 9 students, future year 10 students and future year 11 students. I believe they are discontinuing laptop distribution for the year sevens this year.

    I was approached by many year 9 students that they forgot to charge their laptops or they didn't want to bring their laptops home. We could set up a safe, secure room where students can charge their laptops and if students don't want to bring it home, they can leave it there.

    This idea may sound a bit controversal because part of our contract stated we had to bring it to school charged everyday but if this system is brought up, we can see 28/28 students bringing their laptops as compared to 20-25/28 students bringing their laptops.

    Why is bring their laptops important? Teachers may plan their lessons with use on the laptops and if students don't bring theirs, they will not be able to actively complete/participate in the lesson.

    Yes, I agree, this idea may bring some controversy but I believe it is a good idea. One thing I'm curious about is that does the school get free electricity?

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